Tenant representation

Our Tenant Representation Team offer search and lease negotiations in connection with the commercial real estate market. Our goal is to give our clients`lease contracts a competitive edge.

The real estate market is a fast-moving market and intimate market knowledge, focus and a broad network is required if one is to keep up with vacancies, rental prices, volumes, maturities, and geographic distribution and yield levels. Market, technical- and legal knowledge is needed to find the right solution and lease agreements to balanced contract conditions for our clients.

CRE Norway is constantly monitoring the commercial property market in detail, and enjoy an in-depth understanding of the market.

To use a tenant advisor is resourse saving while at the same time ensuring that our clients have access to the competence they need.  

CRE Norway have a good track record of delivering cost effective and creative solutions to all our clients. We aim to create added value for our clients. This might apply to acquiring office space or other types of real estate area for the first time, dealing with expansion or contraction needs, office consolidation, buying or selling or deciding what to do at a lease break or expiry.

Our hands-on approach involves advising clients every step of the way from analysing business objectives and needs, identify and evaluate options and manage lease negotiations. 

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